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NSD has worked with healthcare provider Providence (previously known as St Joseph Health) for decades. Designing for Providence often means utilizing established style guides. Being thoughtful of the guidelines and knowing when to flex a creative arm is an important balancing act. One of our annual projects was to produce Santa Rosa’s Memorial Foundation Philanthropy report. In 2019, a new project and concept for Sonoma County required a development brochure for a residential hospice house—a wonderful alternative to end of life care. Created to attract donors, a folder and brochure were designed. With an eye on their style guide we also have been assigned to create numerous brochures, advertising, assorted self-mailers and in one case, multiple 2-city-block-long banners.

Annual Report

Hospice House Presentation Folder

Urgent Care Brochure

Hospice House Brochure

Gift Support Self-Mailer

Legacy Tri-Fold Brochure

Two-City-Block Construction Banners

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