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Nelson Sobel Design was sparked by a conversation in a parking lot in the early 90's and continues to thrive off its original foundation, “creative solutions and outstanding client service.” It’s a simple premise that has proven to be successful since 1994. 

Kathleen Nelson and Paige Sobel know that the success of their partnership is largely based upon mutual respect and contrasting skills. It was serendipity that these different women from different backgrounds would meet and join forces to create the ultimate graphic design/marketing dream team.

Kathleen Nelson Designer

Kathleen has extensive experience as a designer with a 30+ year history working in both publication and design studios. Her design skills have earned the respect of companies such as Crystal Geyser and Kunde Estate Winery. As a seasoned designer she brings invaluable wisdom and expertise to the table. From photographic art direction to digital media and vendor management, her knowledge crosses platforms, adding another level to her overall design skills. Kathleen’s accomplishments include awards for magazine covers, collateral material, ads and t-shirt design.

Paige Sobel Client Service

Paige Sobel moved to Sonoma County from Toronto, Ontario in 1992 where she worked in the graphic design and advertising industry, focusing on business development and client service. With a background in business management, Paige’s strong leadership and communication skills enable her to assist clients in many ways. From helping clients sort out their marketing priorities to writing or editing copy, Paige always knew that being placed in the middle between creative types and business people, was exactly where she belonged.


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